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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

So many books, so little time...

Well, at the moment I feel kind of swamped.  First, I'm way behind in reading for school...which makes it harder to read what I have lined up to read for fun (which is the reason I'm trying my best to avoid lining things up for fun...).  It's just that *Robinson Crusoe* can get a little tedious...it's taken me quite a while to get through it.  You don't even want to know how many weeks (yes, weeks) I'm behind in school reading.  *sigh*  But I just wanted to share with you my lineup so you guys can just get a glimpse of the stuff I'll be reading (hopefully) in the near future.

Going Solo, an autobiography by Roald Dahl of his years as a military pilot...

A Separate Peace by John Knowles...don't know much about what it's about...

Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH by Robert O'Brien - no idea what that's about  *looks a little scared*

and the last of the school books (up to now) - Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte.

Now for the for-fun titles...Dewey by Vicki Myron (my grandmother gave it to me for Christmas and I still haven't read it...*sigh* I feel bad...)

Aaand last but not least, the book we all know and love...*winks*...Eragon by Christopher Paolini.  Everyone's always telling me how "amazing" it is and I've just never gotten around to reading it.  I guess I'm behind the times a little...heh heh...

Obviously, I've never read any of these books before.  If you have, I'd love it if you'd drop me a comment and tell me what I'm in for.  ;D


  1. Only one of them that I've read is Eragon... incredible story and plot, yet definetly some downsides to it. It's falls into a large catefory of books that I very intensely love/hate, lol. I'm very eager to see what you think of it! Please post your opinion of these books when you're through with them! :)

  2. Yes, Eragon is really cool! (It's the only book on your list I've read.) Of course, it doesn't have a Christian theme, and the second book almost suggests an anti-Christian theme at one point; but the writing is AMAZING. Especially considering it was written by a fifteen-year-old home schooled boy!! Go home schoolers! Whoo! :-) The way Paolini portrays the dragons as real creatures, and the intricate development of the magic and ancient language blew me away. I really enjoyed it.

  3. I promise I'll put up reviews when I done with them. lol And now I CAN'T wait to read Eragon. =D I know, homeschoolers ROCK, don't they??

  4. I'll have to be the downer of Eragon :D. While I've read all three books and am eager for the release of numero 4, I can honestly say that there is many things wrong with it.

    1st, it is very much against Christianity in my opinion, although I am a bit harsh on books. It does two things, it uses magic in a bad way(see the Underground), and it uses paganistic gods very often.

    2nd, it just isn't good writing. Paolini put what could be a much shorter story into a very long book(s). He doesn't know how to be short and sweet when needed to, he goes into FAR too much detail then is needed in the story.

    There are other things but currently I'm in a discussion on HP books and magic on the UG.

  5. I, like everyone else, have only read Eragon :P lol

    I'm gonna disagree with Seth. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The magic was not inappropriate at all as it was not sorcery, except on the evil side which is morally accurate, and the writing is good enough.

    Eragon, as a single novel, is very well done. I believe you will enjoy it :D Fast paced, mystery driven, lots of good themes. You'll like it :D

    Just FYI, Paolini isn't an atheist. lol He just doesn't believe in writing our world's faith into this fictional world.

    Post a review though ;)

  6. Thank you, everyone, for your input!! I shall put up a review of Eragon when I finish it (still haven't had time to read it) for you all to dissect and agree/disagree with. lol


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