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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Project Dance

Now I shall do my overdue post on my trip to Project Dance.  =D  It was at Times Square, New York City, and the dancing lasted all day long on a stage set up right in front of the Millenium Hotel.  Our dance, set to Josh Groban's My Confession, went very well, and I think we were all very pleased with the result.  =D

It was a total blast the whole time, besides sore feet from walking all over the place.  Friday night we had an awesome time of worship and prayer - God really touched my heart.  On Saturday night we went to see Wicked on Broadway - that was really good, especially the costumes.  My favorite character was Glinda.  If you'd seen it you'd know what I mean...*laughs at self*

Between shopping, dancing, and sightseeing, we practically ran around the entire time.  But it was probably the most fun I've ever had.  It wouldn't have happened without my amazing teacher!!

Watch the recap video here!

My group is exactly 23 seconds into the video - with the black shawls.  The song playing in the background is the song for the group dance we all learned - the people with white T-shirts in the video are doing the *super fun* group dance.  Doing the group dance in the middle of the Times Square intersection was such an experience - the passers-by stopped to look and cheer us on.  Some even started dancing with us!  Also in the video are scenes from Friday night's worship service at a nearby high school.

I had such an amazing time and am already praying that I'll be able to go next year!

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